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The grim world of make believe is back!



With a sharp rap-rap-rapping at the door, Puppetland is reborn!
Puppetland RPG is available NOW

(June 29th, Chelsea, Alabama) — Arc Dream Publishing announced today that their new expanded edition of the  Puppetland role-playing game is available online at The print version will arive in stores in September. This will be the third incarnation of Puppetland with previous versions being published online by author John Scott Tynes (Delta Green, Unknown Armies, The Unspeakable Oath) and in a 21-page paperback by Hogshead Publishing. This new edition is 158 pages long, hardback, full color, with full-page paintings by award-winning artist Samuel Araya (White Wolf, Road Runner Records) and new illustrations by Hollie Mengert (Necropolis, Shadowrun Returns) and Heather Hudson (Wizards of the Coast, Chaosium) to go with classic Puppetland illustrations by Raven Mimura (Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun). It features expanded and clarified rules and suggestions for play, a charmingly creepy new storybook about the murder of the Maker of All Puppets, an essay about the history of the game and the role of puppets in the author’s life, and 16 new tales (one-hour scenarios) by some of our favorite writers and game designers. Distributors and retailers interested in the print version should contact Studio 2 Publishing at or check out the September issue of Game Trade Magazine!

What others are saying about Puppetland:

“Tremendously fun.” — Ron Edwards (

“A fascinating game.” — John Kim (

“Not only an interesting, haunting and funny adventure game about puppets but a clever exploration of the relationship between RPGs and theatre.” — James Holloway (

“It makes you laugh, cry and shiver, it’s just so damn creepy.”Derek Guder (
About the New Puppetland RPG


In one golden hour, you and your friends shall weave a tale none will soon forget: a tale of good-hearted puppets in a bad-hearted world. You shall rise up against the savagery of Punch the Maker-Killer with his army of Nutcrackers and his terrible Boys, sewn from the flesh of the Maker of all puppets. You shall be steadfast and true. You shall likely die trying.

Puppetland is a storytelling game. You play a valiant puppet who speaks aloud every word you say. You speak for your puppet and the Puppetmaster says the rest. You surprise each other at every turn, collaborating moment by inspired moment to unlock your own creativity and find the puppet within. This lavishly illustrated edition of Puppetland has been significantly revised and expanded. It includes a grim storybook fable of the Maker’s foul murder; the true story of the creator’s life in Puppetland; and new Tales ready to be played, written by a brilliant collection of authors:

  • “Boys at Play” by John Scott Tynes
  • “The Great Sage OF, the Mountain!” by Arnold Cassel
  • “The Missing Peace” by Fred Hicks
  • “Overtime in the Factory” by Ross Payton
  • “Punch and the Beanstalk” by John Scott Tynes
  • “Punch Dammed It!” by Arnold Cassel
  • “Punch Village” by Jason Morningstar
  • “Puppet Masters” by Matt Forbeck
  • “The Rhyming Ritual” by Ross Payton
  • “The Terrible Fire” by John Scott Tynes
  • “Vada Wolley Rex” by Kenneth Hite
  • “Visions of Sugar Plums” by James Wallis
  • “The Lost Giant” by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
  • “Pretty Polly” by Arinn Dembo
  • “The Box” by Arinn Dembo
  • “The Bottler” by Arinn Dembo

Your puppets are ready to take the stage. But speak softly, lest the Nutcrackers hear — and come to call with a sharp rap-rap-rapping at the door.

About Arc Dream Publishing

Arc Dream Publishing is a small-press publisher of high-quality games and fiction, founded by writer and artist Dennis Detwiller and writer and editor Shane Ivey. Arc Dream produces the critically-acclaimed role-playing games Delta Green, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Wild Talents, Better Angels, the World War II superhero game Godlike, and the infamous horror gaming magazine The Unspeakable Oath.