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Launch Announcement

For immediate release.

Publisher Vault Comics has announced its Winter 2017 Season of Comics, which features five titles from emerging and established creators. Vault will follow the Winter 2017 Season with an additional five titles in its Summer 2017 Season.

Founded in 2016 by Adrian Wassel, Damian Wassel, and Nathan Gooden, Vault Comics publishes original, creator-owned science fiction and fantasy comics.

Adrian Wassel, Editor-in-Chief at Vault, explains their focus on these genres: “Science fiction and fantasy strive to imagine and experience the new and the strange. Science fiction and fantasy continue to lead the way in diversity among creators and readers. These genres grant the disenfranchised voices. They create landscapes in which the establishment has fallen. They place minorities, both real and imagined, at the helm of their narratives. They pull apart conceptions of race, gender, and social identity. As genres, they ask some of the hardest questions, and are often the only genres gutsy enough to venture answers, too. Of course it helps that these are four-quadrant genres with historically strong sales and explosive recent growth. But that’s really just the icing on the cake.”

Vault will release advance previews of its Winter 2017 Season at San Diego Comic Con.

Vault’s Winter 2017 Season includes:
KARMA POLICE.  Created by Chris Lewis (Drones [IDW]), and Tony Gregori (Lucha Underground [El Rey]). Written by Chris Lewis, with art by Tony Gregori, colors by Jasen Smith, and letters by Nic J. Shaw (The Fix [Image]).

Writer Chris Lewis explores the cosmic implications of using violence as a means to pursue peace, in this series that is at once edgy, irreverent, and intensely humane. Vividly realized by artist Tony Gregori, with dreamlike colors from Jasen Smith, this kaleidoscopic fantasy-adventure features a cast of characters ranging from warrior monks to demonic luchadores.

Karma Police tells the story of Jack Allen, a young woman who has been recognized as the reincarnation of a Tibetan monastery’s holiest monk. Trained as a compassionate assassin, Jack soon discovers an enchanted dagger from her previous incarnation’s bloody past. But she’ll have to resist its lure to stop the violence surrounding her in the present.

In stores February 01, 2017.

FISSURE. Created by Tim Daniel (Enormous [Image & 215Ink], Burning Fields[BOOM!], Curse [BOOM!]), and Pato Delpeche. Written by Tim Daniel, with art and letters by Pato Delpeche.

Emerging master of terror, Tim Daniel, blends science fiction and horror in a story teeming with inescapable dread. Amid the political upheaval of an imagined future that feels too close for comfort, Fissure asks what happens when the ground on which American society is built literally crumbles under our feet?

El Sueño, Texas, was a single street town withering under the shadow of the Mexico—U.S. Barrier. Then the pavement split, and a massive crack spread from one end to the other, rapidly swallowing El Sueño whole. Young couple Avery Lee Olmos and Hark Wright fight to escape the mysterious sinkhole and the malevolent force that beckons from its depths.

With startling art from newcomer Pato Delpeche, Fissure forces readers to examine the cracks running beneath it all.

In stores February 08, 2017.

FAILSAFE. Created by F.J. DeSanto (Transformers: Combiner WarsCyborg 009[Archaia]), Todd Farmer (Jason XMy Bloody Valentine 3D), and  Federico Dallocchio (Suicide Squad: Kicked in the Teeth [DC]). Written by F.J. DeSanto and Todd Farmer, with art by Federico Dallochio, and letters by Travis Lanham.

Veteran creators F.J. DeSanto and Todd Farmer turn their filmmaking talents to comics in this cinematic action epic. This near future thriller explores the perils of human enhancement and divisive politics.

When he executed the last nanotech-enhanced super soldier, John Ravane thought that was the end of the haywire Insurgence Program. Ten years later, in the wake of social unrest, its true legacy is revealed. As sleeper agents scattered throughout the country activate, Ravane must stand between a government he cannot trust and the soldiers he once hunted.

Federico Dallocchio’s stylized art and sophisticated palette make familiar locations feel unsettlingly alien.

Portions of Failsafe were previously published as Insurgent from DC.

In stores February 15, 2017.

COLOSSI. Created by Ricardo Mo (Propeller [Comixology]) and Alberto Muriel (Propeller [Comixology]). Written by Ricardo Mo, with art by Alberto Muriel, colors by Jon Adams (Enchanted Tiki Room [Marvel], Cyborg 009 [Archaia]), and letters by HdE.

Together again after their critical success, Propeller, emerging creators Ricardo Mo and Alberto Muriel channel the vibe of B-movie classics to deliver a high-tension romp with dark wit aplenty.

When Trans Atmos Shuttle 34 disappears into a wormhole, its pilot and passengers are launched into an adventure of gigantic proportions. Lost in an oversized parallel universe, the group must put aside their differences and unite to survive a hostile environment. But the biggest threat they’ll face is the one that hitched a ride on Shuttle 34.

Colossi is Land of the Giants during an Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

In stores February 22, 2017.

POWERLESS. Created and written by David M. Booher, with art by Nathan C. Gooden (Killbox [AGP]), colors by Mike Spicer (Suicide Squad: Most Wanted [DC],Mad Max: Fury Road [Vertigo], Head Lopper [Image]), and letters by Deron Bennett (Jim Henson’s Tales of Sand [Archaia]).

First-time creator David M. Booher partners with award-winning artist Nathan C. Gooden to turn the superhero comic upside down.

Protagonist Billy Bannister lives in a world without superheroes. Not because powers don’t exist. But because everyone has them. After the outbreak of PRV, a virus that rips away those abilities, Quarantine emerges to stop the spread. An elite agent, Billy is the last line of defense against contagion. But his loyalty is tested when the infection hits too close to home.

On the surface, Powerless is a high-concept action comic; at its core it pushes readers to reconsider questions of power, race, social identity, and what is essential to humanity.

Gooden’s incredible artwork is brought to life with jaw-dropping colors from veteran colorist Mike Spicer.

Powerless is produced in partnership with Blood Moon Creative.

In stores March 01, 2017.

Vault Comics publishes the new, the daring, and the diverse in science fiction and fantasy comics.

For more, follow them on Twitter: @thevaultcomics

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News About Clients / 12 July, 2016


Lion Forge Super Team Assembled for 2016 San Diego Comic Con

(St. Louis, MO- July 12th)- Lion Forge Comics announced today an award-winning, super team of personnel acquisitions to celebrate 2016 San Diego Comic Con right alongside convention exclusives. Geoff Gerber, formerly, Lion Forge’s lawyer, will take over as President with David Steward remaining as Founder/Publisher. Geoff Gerber, President. explains “We have had some great wins since the company’s launch as a creative studio. It was time to bring in heavy hitters to get us to the next level. The talent that we have recruited understands and respects not only the creative side of publishing comics, but the business of pop culture as well.”

Steward remarked “I am a lifelong comic fan and I cannot WAIT to be able to take on a more big-picture role.” Booth #2300 will be the “go to” place for fans to meet the new additions and to pick up exclusive prints, as well as, not one, but two Dreamwork’s Voltron, Legendary Defender con exclusives. Don’t wait to pick up the Voltron, Legendary Defender mask and Exclusive Variant cover edition of Voltron #1.

The Team:

Geoff Gerber – President
Geoff Gerber became President of Lion Forge Comics at the beginning of 2016, after serving as its General Counsel and Director of Intellectual Property. As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Kahn Gerber, he developed and implemented business strategies that resulted in that boutique law firm being recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a Best Law Firm in America in Copyright Law; Entertainment Law – Motion Pictures & Television; Entertainment Law – Music; Litigation – First Amendment; Litigation – Intellectual Property; and Media Law. As a lawyer, he represented Image Comics, Todd McFarlane Productions, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and other publishers and artists.


Rich Johnson – V.P Sales, Marketing and Business Development

As Vice President Book Trade Sales for DC Comics, Johnson worked at DC for nearly a decade where he established the category of graphic novels within the bookstore and library markets where it exploded into a publishing and pop culture phenomenon. Johnson later moved to Hachette Book Group, serving as co-founder and Co-Publishing Director for Yen Press, and later launched Brick Road Media, LLC as a consulting firm for pop culture clients.


Syndee Barwick – Director of Marketing and Product Development

Syndee Barwick has over 25 years of writing, marketing, brand strategy and management experience in the entertainment industry. After working with award-winning artists in the music industry, Barwick worked with DC Comics/Warner Bros. for nearly 20 years as both Director, Marketing and Director, Product Management – DC Directspearheading DC’s super-successful in-house collectibles division.


Mark Smylie – Executive Editor

As founder of comic publisher Archaia, Smylie published the NY Times bestseller and Eisner- and Harvey-Award winning comic book Mouse Guard; the Eisner winner Return of the Dapper Men as well as Eisner nominees The Killer, Tumor, and Spera.



Joseph Phillip Illidge – Senior Editor
Joseph Phillip Illidge began his editorial career began at Milestone Media, Inc., the first Black-owned mainstream comic book company to have a co-publishing deal with DC Comics. He then moved to the DCU as an editor of the Batman line of comic books. He is is a writer, editor, columnist, and public speaker on the subjects of race, the medium and business of comics, and the corporate politics of diversity. In addition to his coverage by The New York Times, CNN Money, the BBC, and Publishers Weekly.

Devin Funches – Sales and Marketing Manager

Devin Funches has six years of professional comics experience. Formerly from BOOM! Studios where he oversaw and assisted in sales in a variety of channels including The Direct Market, The Book Trade, E-Commerce and convention circuit. He also assisted in marketing and did the strategic planning of their e-mail and customer service program.



The Panels:

Thursday, 7/21/16, 6:00p.m.-7:00p.m. Adapting Television to Comics — Writers from both TV and comics discuss the challenges and triumphs of translating hit TV shows to comic books. Whether it’s crucial differences in script timing or translating the legacy of fan favorite shows to a new medium and new audience, these pros have seen it all. Featuring Joelle Sellner (Saved by the Bell), Geoff Thorne (Knight Rider), Lesley Vamos (Punky Brewster), Mairghread Scott (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs), and Jonathan London (Miami Vice). Room 29AB

Friday, 7/22/16, 5:30p.m.-6:30p.m. Comics from the Squared Circle — An insider’s look at the overlapping worlds of comics and professional wrestling, including a historical retrospective and predictions for the future of wrestling comics. Featuring Lucha Underground superstar Chavo Guerrero (Chavo Guerrero’s Warrior’s Creed), WWE hall-of-famer Andre the Giant’s daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, and record-breaking wrestling comics writer Mike Kingston (Headlocked). Hosted by Heidi MacDonald (Comics Beat). Room 8

About Lion Forge Comics:

Lion Forge Comics strives to create comics that everyone regardless of background or ethnicity can identify with. Their title Andre The Giant: Closer To Heaven was nominated for three Glyph Awards. From indy creators to licensed properties including Dreamworks’ Voltron, Legendary Defender, NBC/Universal’s Miami Vice, Airwolf, Punky Brewster, Saved By The Bell, and Night Rider, and American Greetings’ Care Bears, Madballs there is something for every level of comic fan. Lion Forge Comics – Comics For Everyone. Visit for more information.

Find us on social media at:

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The grim world of make believe is back!



With a sharp rap-rap-rapping at the door, Puppetland is reborn!
Puppetland RPG is available NOW

(June 29th, Chelsea, Alabama) — Arc Dream Publishing announced today that their new expanded edition of the  Puppetland role-playing game is available online at The print version will arive in stores in September. This will be the third incarnation of Puppetland with previous versions being published online by author John Scott Tynes (Delta Green, Unknown Armies, The Unspeakable Oath) and in a 21-page paperback by Hogshead Publishing. This new edition is 158 pages long, hardback, full color, with full-page paintings by award-winning artist Samuel Araya (White Wolf, Road Runner Records) and new illustrations by Hollie Mengert (Necropolis, Shadowrun Returns) and Heather Hudson (Wizards of the Coast, Chaosium) to go with classic Puppetland illustrations by Raven Mimura (Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun). It features expanded and clarified rules and suggestions for play, a charmingly creepy new storybook about the murder of the Maker of All Puppets, an essay about the history of the game and the role of puppets in the author’s life, and 16 new tales (one-hour scenarios) by some of our favorite writers and game designers. Distributors and retailers interested in the print version should contact Studio 2 Publishing at or check out the September issue of Game Trade Magazine!

What others are saying about Puppetland:

“Tremendously fun.” — Ron Edwards (

“A fascinating game.” — John Kim (

“Not only an interesting, haunting and funny adventure game about puppets but a clever exploration of the relationship between RPGs and theatre.” — James Holloway (

“It makes you laugh, cry and shiver, it’s just so damn creepy.”Derek Guder (
About the New Puppetland RPG


In one golden hour, you and your friends shall weave a tale none will soon forget: a tale of good-hearted puppets in a bad-hearted world. You shall rise up against the savagery of Punch the Maker-Killer with his army of Nutcrackers and his terrible Boys, sewn from the flesh of the Maker of all puppets. You shall be steadfast and true. You shall likely die trying.

Puppetland is a storytelling game. You play a valiant puppet who speaks aloud every word you say. You speak for your puppet and the Puppetmaster says the rest. You surprise each other at every turn, collaborating moment by inspired moment to unlock your own creativity and find the puppet within. This lavishly illustrated edition of Puppetland has been significantly revised and expanded. It includes a grim storybook fable of the Maker’s foul murder; the true story of the creator’s life in Puppetland; and new Tales ready to be played, written by a brilliant collection of authors:

  • “Boys at Play” by John Scott Tynes
  • “The Great Sage OF, the Mountain!” by Arnold Cassel
  • “The Missing Peace” by Fred Hicks
  • “Overtime in the Factory” by Ross Payton
  • “Punch and the Beanstalk” by John Scott Tynes
  • “Punch Dammed It!” by Arnold Cassel
  • “Punch Village” by Jason Morningstar
  • “Puppet Masters” by Matt Forbeck
  • “The Rhyming Ritual” by Ross Payton
  • “The Terrible Fire” by John Scott Tynes
  • “Vada Wolley Rex” by Kenneth Hite
  • “Visions of Sugar Plums” by James Wallis
  • “The Lost Giant” by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
  • “Pretty Polly” by Arinn Dembo
  • “The Box” by Arinn Dembo
  • “The Bottler” by Arinn Dembo

Your puppets are ready to take the stage. But speak softly, lest the Nutcrackers hear — and come to call with a sharp rap-rap-rapping at the door.

About Arc Dream Publishing

Arc Dream Publishing is a small-press publisher of high-quality games and fiction, founded by writer and artist Dennis Detwiller and writer and editor Shane Ivey. Arc Dream produces the critically-acclaimed role-playing games Delta Green, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Wild Talents, Better Angels, the World War II superhero game Godlike, and the infamous horror gaming magazine The Unspeakable Oath.

News About Clients / 17 June, 2016

One part horror, one part mystery- ALL kickstarter!


News About Clients / 17 June, 2016

A must read!


The Indestructibles’ series goes intergalactic with Like a Comet

Young superheroes face alien invasion in the latest novel

The Indestructibles have traveled through time to an apocalyptic future and faced down sentient hurricanes and human plagues. But when a world-destroying species threatens Earth, the young super-powered heroes will need all the help they can get—asking old friends to return and former enemies to become allies—to save their entire world.

Like a Comet is the world—and solar system—spanning adventure bringing The Indestructibles: Series 1 to an explosive, cataclysmic close.

Everything in the series, which was named one of the “Best of 2014” by, has led to this epic battle for the heroes—Jane, the solar-powered girl; Kate, the ballerina turned vigilante; Billy, whose powers stem from a symbiotic alien who acts as his conscience and guide; Titus, a werewolf with confidence issues; and Entropy Emily, the sci-fi obsessed girl genius with a gravitational anomaly where her heart should be.

“This is where the first arc has always led,” says author Matthew Phillion. “When I set out to write a love letter to the comics and superhero stories I loved growing up, I had a list of classic must-tell stories I wanted them to experience, and a space story—or let’s face it, the right word here is ‘cosmic’ since we’re talking super-heroics—was something I knew I had to build up to.”

The book also brings back fan favorites from earlier in the series, like Project: Valkyrie, Bedlam, Prevention, and Agent Black.

“It’s been fun to revisit those secondary characters,” Phillion said. “The focus has always been on the five kids and their mentor, Doc Silence, so I’m excited to have a chance to give some screen time to popular supporting characters.”

Like a Comet combines space opera, wide-screen comic book action, and the Indestructibles series’ signature pop culture self-awareness and winks and nods to the classic stories that inspired the books.

Book 4 wraps up Series 1 for the heroes, but it won’t be the last we see of the team.

“One of the big fears with ongoing series is that you’ll be left hanging,” Phillion said. “I’ve tried to set up each Indestructibles adventure as a self-contained story, but Like a Comet really brings the first arc home. If this were a comic, this is where we’d collect the first omnibus edition!”

Now that the young heroes have adventured through both time and space, readers can expect Jane, Kate and the team to get back to basics next.

“They’ve saved the world a few times,” Phillion says. “I’d like to spend some time with them as hometown heroes too.”

Phillion has worked as a journalist, writer, and editor for almost 20 years. He is also the writer, director, and producer of the feature film “Certainly Never.”

The Indestructibles series is available digitally on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBook and Kobo eBook formats. Print copies for the entire series are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as from independent bookstores everywhere, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Books-A-Million (BAM).

For additional information, please, on social media at or @mattphillion on Twitter and Instagram. PFP Publishing can be also be reached

News About Clients / 2 June, 2016

Squirmish comes to Kickstarter


A Different Kind of Beast-Fighting Card Game for Kids Begins Crowdfunding Campaign


Minneapolis, MN, Squirmish is a new beast-battling card game for kids that launched on Kickstarter Friday the 13th of May. An alternative to mainstream card fighting games like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, the Squirmish deck features 54 unique cards (108 if the game reaches its first stretch goal). Unlike those mainstream monster-fighting games, Squirmish is designed with the emphasis on playing rather than collecting… all of the cards needed to play are included in the deck.

The game is for 2-4 players, takes about 30 minutes to play, and is for ages 7 and up (no babies).

Each card has a different ridiculous character, with names such as “Mr. Bottom,” “Figboot,” and “Big Dumb Bear.” The game-play is pretty straightforward… you draw a card, place a card, move or attack, and resolve special abilities. However, the cards’ wildly-varying special abilities add infinite variety and strategic complexity to the game.

Cards are placed next to each other in the middle of the table facing the player that places it (this makes it so everyone can keep track of their cards). The mass of cards is known as The Squirmish. Cards can only attack cards adjacent to them (unless a special ability lets them do otherwise)
The game also has some funny quirks. Each card has a “battle cry,” which when said in a silly voice when the card is placed gives that card +1 to its attack. Also, some cards belong to groups (such as the “Spooner Valley Cryptids,” “The Fraternal Order of Strange Fellows” and “The Biscuit Sisters”) with group abilities that are activated when more than one member of that group is in play. Players are encouraged to use o-shaped cereal to keep track of a card’s damage.

The game was recently reviewed by the website Board Gaming at Home. Their review (which includes a play-through of the game) can be seen here:

The game was also reviewed at the website Geekdad:

“Overall, I’ve had fun with Squirmish both with my kids and with adult players. I think it’s a lot of fun for families. The dice-based abilities mean that there’s still a good amount of chance involved, which gives less-experienced players a chance to take on more-experienced players, so gamers who want something with pure strategy may not like it quite as much. And don’t forget to shout your battle cries as you enter the fray!” – Jonathan H. Liu on Geekdad.

The first player to knock out three of their opponents’ cards for their victory pile wins the game.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until June 12th. You can see it here:

The game has a website, which includes previews of cards you can learn about before the game is released, so you can have one up on your opponents:

You can download the rules at the Squirmish website here:


Steven Stwalley is a cartoonist, animator and poppa. His comics have been featured in numerous anthologies and gallery shows, as well as in the Hot Ink: Comic Art show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. He was also a featured cartoonist in the book Superheroes, Strip Artists, and Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists by Britt Aamodt, published by the Minnesota Historical Society. He often posts webcomics (such as Soapy the Chicken and his collaborative comics with Ben Zmith; Monkey’s Paw and Strip Mall). He has also created numerous comic books, and regularly collaborated with other artists to create comics anthologies and jam comics. Stwalley is a founding member of The International Cartoonist Conspiracy. He works at WORLD MONSTER HQ, the most terrifying cartooning studio in Minneapolis.
# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Steven Stwalley at 612-723-7347 or email at

News About Clients / 31 May, 2016

First look at Thorus – This week at Mecaf!


Thorus: Lord of The Super Gods Premieres at  Maine’s Comic Arts Festival


(Portland Maine- May 31st 2016) Maine based Nemo Comics announced today the print edition premiere of their new title Thorus: Lord of The Super Gods will appear at the Maine Comic Arts Festival (better known as Mecaf) Saturday June 4th. Mecaf takes place at the Portland Public Library at 5 Monument Square, Portland, Maine 04101 and runs from 10am-5pm.  In addition to the print version of the books, Thorus paper planes will be available for $1 or will be free with the entire Nemo Comics toy and book line. Creator Jay “Captain Nemo” Piscopo will be on hand for free sketches and signings. Check out the entire line at Can’t make it to the show? Thorus is available digitally at and

About Thorus: Lord Of The Super Gods

Welcome to the higher vibration of the 10th Dimension , realm of Thorus, Lord of the Super Gods!” Are you into over the top 70s style cosmic epics of gods at war? Then Thorus is for you . 32 pages of pulse pounding action introducing Thorus and his fellow Super Gods , Jade Jaguar , Mother Eartha , the evil Vertithrax and much more! Any resemblance to the works of Jack Kirby and Hanna Barbera are purely intentional.
About the Creator:  Jay Piscopo is the author and illustrator of The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli graphic novel series and has created numerous titles featuring spin off characters from this series including The Sea Ghost #1: The Sea Ghost in the Machine and the Commander X All-Star Special.  He is known for his signature pulp style and is a frequent contributing artist for Moonstone Books.  He co-created the internationally distributed comic book series The Scrap City Pack Rats, featuring the world’s first disabled superheroes. This six-issue series received national attention for its groundbreaking approach and subject matter.  Jay has conducted hundreds of comics workshops and classroom events teaching drawing and storytelling techniques across the country.  He is an engaging presenter with extensive teaching experience.

About Mecaf:

Since 2009, MeCAF has been Portland’s annual showcase for comic arts bringing creators to the public. Unlike a typical comic convention, there are no dealers and stores set up, just writers, artists and publishers.

Follow Nemo Publishing online:
On the web:

Contact Information: Lys Galati/

News About Clients / 18 May, 2016

Foreign Language Digital Comics Are HERE!


Los Angeles, CA – May 18, 2016 – Visionbooks has widen its collaboration with several comic publishers such as Valiant Entertainment, Aspen Comics, Top Cow Productions and Arcana Comics among others, and will be presenting additional titles in a static format and multiple languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French and Japanese.
Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, Shadowman, Jirni, Lola XOXO, Cyberforce, IX Generation and Howard Lovecraft are just few of the series that will be released on the Visionbooks platform.

The two co-founders of Visionbooks, Francesco Scrufari and Simone Offredo are very pleased with this new opportunity:

“It is important for us to widen our library as well as to present our content in several languages.  We have received many requests in this regard and we look forward to give the opportunity to comics aficionados all over the world to read digital comics in their native languages” says Francesco.

“Our animation technology will remain at the core of our offering, but at the same time we want to expand our library.  I am glad our publisher partners shared our vision and gave us this opportunity” adds Simone.

Visionbooks revolutionizes comic book reading by transforming two-dimensional comic books into a 3D digital animation experience. By combining traditional comics with cutting-edge technology, Visionbooks creates a reading experience with special effects enhancements you would normally expect from blockbuster movies.

About Visionbooks:

Visionbooks is a division of Visionborne Inc. Founded in 2012, Visionborne created a ground breaking technology that turns static editorial content into enriched, vibrant and skillfully animated format. Visionbooks believes in the universal language of comics and strive to provide artists and writers the best, most innovative means of getting their message across to others. Prior to launching Visionbooks, Francesco Scrufari and Simone Offredo, founded Ulixe, a well-recognized European provider of web-based services and international solutions for the banking and industrial sectors.

Emanuele Pulli

News About Clients / 18 May, 2016

A slew of new products from Delta Green


Delta Green Dominates Digital Downloads for Memorial Day Weekend
(Location redacted—May 17th) Award-winning Arc Dream Publishing announced today digital Delta Green releases that provide players new and old with everything they need for epic gaming just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. The Handler’s Screen, which comes with the quick-start rulebook Need to Know, puts tons of useful resources at the game master’s fingertips. The Agents Handbook gives players all the tools they need to battle unimagined terrors. “Kali Ghati” is a new scenario set in Afghanistan that tests the sanity of everyone involved with military life overseas. New to Delta Green? Check out the pay-what-you-want Delta Green: Need to Know for everything you need to get started with the line.
Check out each new release!

Delta Green: Kali Ghati
Download Link:
“Kali Ghati” is a scenario for DELTA GREEN: THE ROLE-PLAYING GAME. The Agents are soldiers, intelligence officers, federal agents or civilian contractors among the U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Thanks to Delta Green’s machinations, all have been in Afghanistan longer than they ever planned. They expect to be sent home soon. But now, they have a mission. Again.
A fellow Delta Green agent has gone missing from an Army base in a troubled province. It’s up to the player characters to find him before the disappearance draws the kind of attention that Delta Green cannot afford. “Kali Ghati” includes a complete scenario and six ready-to-play Agents.

Delta Green: Handler’s Screen
Download Link:
The Handler’s Screen for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game provides the Handler (game moderator) tons of useful tools for running the game. This downloadable version includes:

  • Full-size exterior with chilling art by Dennis Detwiller (8.5″ high by 44″ wide)
  • Full-size interior with four panels of tables and information (8.5″ high by 44″ wide)
  • Panel 1 exterior (8.5″ high by 11″ wide)
  • Panel 1 interior — Using Stats & Skills
  • Panel 1 interior, printer-friendly version
  • Panel 2 exterior (8.5″ high by 11″ wide)
  • Panel 2 interior — Combat
  • Panel 2 interior, printer-friendly version
  • Panel 3 exterior (8.5″ high by 11″ wide)
  • Panel 3 interior — Wounds & Ailments
  • Panel 3 interior, printer-friendly version
  • Panel 4 exterior (8.5″ high by 11″ wide)
  • Panel 4 interior — Sanity & Willpower
  • Panel 4 interior, printer-friendly version
  • Delta Green: Need to Know — quickstart rulebook with scenario

Combine the Handler’s Screen with Delta Green: Need to Know and Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook to launch new Delta Green campaigns. Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is fully compatible with all past Delta Green products.

Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook
Download Link:
The Agent’s Handbook is a players-only rulebook for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. This new incarnation of the award-winning Delta Green game line includes:

  • Rules for creating agents of all types.
  • Rules for tense, fluid investigations. Players who use their agents’ skills in clever ways have the best chance to succeed — and survive.
  • Nerve-wracking rules for combat, where random disasters can undo the most careful planning.
  • Mind-melting Sanity rules that see agents gradually deteriorate — and sometimes snap.
  • Rules for “home” scenes where players see what their agents are fighting for.
  • Quick, intuitive rules to determine equipment and assets.
  • Dossiers on the federal agencies most likely to be featured in play.

About Delta Green:
Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury. Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green spent four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Stripped of sanction after a disastrous 1969 operation in Cambodia, Delta Green’s leaders made a secret pact: to continue their work without authority, without support, and without fear. Delta Green agents slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day — but often at a shattering personal cost.

Selected Delta Green links: