News About Clients / 20 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast- Day 19 Sphinx Group Ex Clients

Frank Beddor has created an alternative Alice in Wonderland story that is captivating millions.  The names are the same, the story FAR different. Frank was known in the eighties as being a champion skier and has recreated himself with Looking Glass Wars. From YA novels to adult fiction and beyond his stories are vivid, well thought out and in many ways rather touching. He’s recently embraced the world of cosplay and as far as I know was the first person to let geek and mainstream worlds when his team showed up in full costume on The View. Check everything out on


News About Clients / 18 December, 2015

#Ghostofchristmaspast- Day 18 Sphinx Group Ex Clients

Last Christmas just a few months before Christmas, I got the opportunity to shoot fish in a barrel when Molly Christmas dropped into my lap. The book is physically gorgeous. Gold lined pages,red velvet like cover and it tells the story of a girl who must save Christmas by reminding Santa that there are good children in the world. It is a heartwarming story and this year they are donating $1 from each book to a lovely little girl fighting a horrible disease. Check out the book on Buy it now on Amazon .

News About Clients / 17 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast-Day17 Sphinx Group Ex clients

Pop culture is about escapism and I am always interested in seeing new and interesting takes on that. CineNovel definitely fits the bill. Their first story The Plunge of Icarus is an incredibly timely story about a fight for resources which is definitely engaging but the visuals and experience are definitely unique. One part book, one part movie..and a FANTASTIC gift that you don’t have to wrap.. Go to and check out CINENOVEL!

News About Clients / 16 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast- Day 16 Sphinx Group Ex Clients

Jaime Carrillo’s art literally stopped me in my tracks at #sdcc many years ago. GORGEOUS vivid oils jumping out of the page. This was Vallejo, Jusko good. How is this guy only in artist alley? Then I found out that his sister Elena was just as talented a writer.  They have done everything from comic books to illustrated fiction under the umbrella of Here There Be Monsters/Looking Land Press. They have a formidable force behind them as well in Jaime’s wife Ana “La jefa” Inungaray who could charm you to do her bidding with one hand tied behind her back and blindfolded. Check out their store for the holidays and if you are going to El Paso #comiccon this weekend.. make sure and hit their booth!



News About Clients / 15 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast- Day 15 – Sphinx Group Ex Clients

Ben Dobyns has figured out how to give you control of your favorite shows. Zombie Orpheus is here to make sure your heart is never broken by a cancellation again. FAN SUPPORTED, CREATOR DISTRIBUTED is their motto. They make the movies and shows you fall in love with and never let them go!  From Standard Action to Aidan 5, there is something for everyone and this is INDY darling level quality.  They are in the middle of a move to Patreon but their store is open! Check out

News About Clients / 14 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast-Day 14 Sphinx Group Ex Clients

We have worked off and on with retailers in a limited capacity and we would be doing the world a disservice if we didn’t mention the award winning Chicago’s own Challenger Comics + Conversation. Patrick and Dal are consumate professionals who have created a store that anyone would feel comfortable in regardless of level of interest. Challengers has expanded to create a small art gallery. Their signings schedule is epic. The selection is wide, varied and colorful. Their staff is both attentive and knowledgable. They are the new breed of retailer. While some will always want the Indiana Jones esque journey to dig for a hard to find back issue, that is not the standard anymore and Challengers is a step above and beyond the typical. If you are in Chitown, there is still time to visit before Christmas. If you are ordering holiday gifts online they have a lovely selection of limited edition merch online at

Pop Culture Press Releases/Announcements / 13 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast- Day 13 Sphinx Group Ex Clients

Digital Dreams Entertainment is masterminded by a BULL of a man.. Michael Mendheim. Mendheim has framed many of our childhoods with Mutant League Football and is coming for your adulthood with Mutant Football League. From the #videogame Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter Reborn to the Four Horsemen #GraphicNovel he is a threat in all mediums. Creative, funny, forthright and honorable .. every project he brings to us is engaging and unique. Hanukkah has started but for that holiday or every other .. can’t recommend his work enough. Check out the store at!store/c1phw

News About Clients / 13 December, 2015

#ghostsofChristmaspast- Day 12 Sphinx Group ex clients

Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth is an Image title that tells the story of a kid who’s so ugly that he has to wear a bag on his head, yet still sees the best in people even in the worst situations. Ken Kristensen is the writer and M.K Perker is the artist. Both guys are true pros and have an incredible ability to take a dark story and make it so funny and uplifting you never get tired. They had me at PBS standing for Public Broadcrasting Satan and Charlie Rose’s table well being possessed.  Definitely something to hit a comic or book store for.

News About Clients / 11 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast Day 11-Sphinx Group Ex clients

Many in the pop culture realm have heard the name Rob Salkowitz. He’s a teacher, writer, book author and all around ubergeek. He is an expert in nerdom and all around good guy. You can find his articles everywhere from Forbes to Like many of our clients, we simply shine a spotlight on preexisting awesome and boost the client’s signal. Rob can pull insights from numbers faster then anyone I have ever seen so showing him off was EASY. Check out his latest article at

News About Clients / 10 December, 2015

#ghostsofchristmaspast Day 10-Sphinx Group Ex clients

Ape Entertainment has published everything from historical fiction comics to kids related product. All ages material is what has truly worked. The company itself has undergone some transformations and the current focus is on their line of Sesame Street comics. The thing that hasn’t changed? Brent Erwin. Brent is a ball of energy even at his slowest. He has a keen eye how to create titles that kids will love and parent’s can read over and over again without losing their minds. Check out the latest releases at