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The Indestructibles’ series goes intergalactic with Like a Comet

Young superheroes face alien invasion in the latest novel

The Indestructibles have traveled through time to an apocalyptic future and faced down sentient hurricanes and human plagues. But when a world-destroying species threatens Earth, the young super-powered heroes will need all the help they can get—asking old friends to return and former enemies to become allies—to save their entire world.

Like a Comet is the world—and solar system—spanning adventure bringing The Indestructibles: Series 1 to an explosive, cataclysmic close.

Everything in the series, which was named one of the “Best of 2014” by, has led to this epic battle for the heroes—Jane, the solar-powered girl; Kate, the ballerina turned vigilante; Billy, whose powers stem from a symbiotic alien who acts as his conscience and guide; Titus, a werewolf with confidence issues; and Entropy Emily, the sci-fi obsessed girl genius with a gravitational anomaly where her heart should be.

“This is where the first arc has always led,” says author Matthew Phillion. “When I set out to write a love letter to the comics and superhero stories I loved growing up, I had a list of classic must-tell stories I wanted them to experience, and a space story—or let’s face it, the right word here is ‘cosmic’ since we’re talking super-heroics—was something I knew I had to build up to.”

The book also brings back fan favorites from earlier in the series, like Project: Valkyrie, Bedlam, Prevention, and Agent Black.

“It’s been fun to revisit those secondary characters,” Phillion said. “The focus has always been on the five kids and their mentor, Doc Silence, so I’m excited to have a chance to give some screen time to popular supporting characters.”

Like a Comet combines space opera, wide-screen comic book action, and the Indestructibles series’ signature pop culture self-awareness and winks and nods to the classic stories that inspired the books.

Book 4 wraps up Series 1 for the heroes, but it won’t be the last we see of the team.

“One of the big fears with ongoing series is that you’ll be left hanging,” Phillion said. “I’ve tried to set up each Indestructibles adventure as a self-contained story, but Like a Comet really brings the first arc home. If this were a comic, this is where we’d collect the first omnibus edition!”

Now that the young heroes have adventured through both time and space, readers can expect Jane, Kate and the team to get back to basics next.

“They’ve saved the world a few times,” Phillion says. “I’d like to spend some time with them as hometown heroes too.”

Phillion has worked as a journalist, writer, and editor for almost 20 years. He is also the writer, director, and producer of the feature film “Certainly Never.”

The Indestructibles series is available digitally on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBook and Kobo eBook formats. Print copies for the entire series are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as from independent bookstores everywhere, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Books-A-Million (BAM).

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